On Sunday the 6th and Monday the 7th of November the city of Seoul will host the Seoul Sharing Festival. The Festival, which takes place during the celebration of the 4th year of Sharing City Seoul, will bring together experts from all over the world to discuss the role that the sharing economy can play in the process of designing our future cities.


The Seoul Sharing Festival features a series of conferences which will be the occasion to analyze in the depth the potential that the sharing economy holds to become a drive for urban development and a solution to urban problems.

The first session of the event will be dedicated to the assessment of the achievements already obtained and of the future objectives, while in the second session, which will see the intervention of Professor Christian Iaione, co-founder of LabGov, the focus will be on global sharing trends and practices. During the second day the experts will move on to discuss how laws and institutions can be improved for the Sharing Economy, and will conclude by analyzing the trends and prospects of Global Sharing Economy and providing examples and development strategies.

Alongside with the conferences participants will have the possibility to visit the exhibitions and engage in experiences that will broaden their understanding of what the Sharing Economy actually is and how it can contribute to improving urban life.

The complete program of the conference can be found on the Sharing City Seoul official website (link available here).

More informations on the Sharing City Seoul project and on its achievements can be found in different articles published on Shareable (here, here, and here), which has been closely observing the whole process. Neal Gorenflo, co-founder of Shareable, will also be present at the conference and will discuss the meaning of the ‘Sharing City Seoul’ in the global trends of the sharing economy in his Keynote Address.