eurcultfoundIf it is true that a revolutionary co-cities’ movement is growing up day by day in Italy, it is even more than true that at European level the discussion is going ahead at the same serious level. And, who is familiar with the EU institution’s offices, is admiring to and staring at what is happening in the first Italian collaborative city, that is Bologna, followed by other beautiful local examples such as Mantova, Battipaglia and Palermo.

Why I am sure about this?

Because professor Iaione, who coordinates LabGov, will travel another time around Europe (two months ago he took part in another ECF’s event, in the Netherlands) to discuss with European activists, policy makers, researchers and scholars about Urban Commons, a theme theorized in 2011 by professor Sheila Foster who will coordinate 2015/2016 LabGov’s edition with professor Iaione.

Actually, during the past months they have constantly shared their ideas, compared their projects and finally they wrote a four handed paper entitled “The city as a Commons”.

In particular, professor Iaione will be part of the panel of experts during the event “Radical Democracy – a Media Showcase”, co-hosted by Julie Ward (S&D Member of the European Parliament) and the European Parliament Intergroup on Public Services and Common Goods, in cooperation with the Doc Next Network and the European Cultural Foundation.

Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network) and Carlos Delclòs will enrich the event, together with professor Iaione and Julie Ward, which will take place in the room “Altiero Spinelli” A3H-1 at the European Parliament, in Brussels. The event will be moderated by Peter Matjasic (OSIFE).

It will be also an innovative event during which, after an introduction, some videos about Commons in European cities will be shown, followed by brief reactions from the discussants and a debate.

Why it is worthy to organize such events?And how this was possible?

Because, as the European Cultural Foundation states, on the occasion of the European elections in May 2014, the Radical Democracy project invited media makers, social activists and critical thinkers to submit audiovisual media works about the Europe they would like to live in. The 250 videos submitted expressed a profound, widespread desire to remake democracy from the bottom up by claiming public spaces, occupying buildings, renovating neglected parks and reshaping them all with a radical democratic spirit and principles.

With this showcase and debate, we aim to contribute to the dialogue between Members of the European Parliament, media makers, campaigners, activists and citizens, for improving our democracy through enfranchising citizens to reclaim and improve the urban commons”.




Se è vero che in Italia è nata e si stasviluppando una rete delle città fondate sulla collaborazione, è altrettanto vero che in Europa la discussione procede a vele spiegate, con la recente formazione di un intergruppo Europarlamentare sui Commons che inevitabilmente guarda all’Italia come un esempio da seguire.

Se ne parlerà oggi, 16 giugno, a Bruxelles, nell’aula A3H-1 del Parlamento Europeo, durante l’evento “Radical Democracy – a Media Showcase”, cui partecipaerà il professor Christian Iaione, coordinatore di Labgov, assieme a Julie Ward, Sophie Bloemen, Carlos Delclòs e Peter Matjasic.