Do you know any platform for public administration focused on collaboration?Do you want to contribute to this innovation? You can add your contribution on collaborative platforms that are already in use, or even tell about new ones that could be used for public administrations.

It is enough to fill in a short form, which is open to consultation only until May to help this fantastic research on the innovation of  the Italian Administrative System. In fact, platforms on Sharing Economy have been the core of a controversial parliamentary proposal.  Consistently, in June Brussels will lead the publication of the Guidelines on the Sharing Economy,addressed to all EU Member States .

Here in Italy, the latest draft of the regulation on the “Discipline of digital platforms for the sharing of goods and services and measures for promoting the sharing economy ”, renamed SEA – Sharing Economy Act , has already been promoted.

For more information, a public consultation is available online until 31 May 2016, coordinated by the General States of Innovation, on the platform Making Speeches Talk by Open Evidence .

The signatories of the regulation, although belonging to different political wings, stress that this proposal is only the beginning of a long path and the text is genuinely open to further changes.

Therefore, in view of the annual conference FORUM PA 2016 that will be held in Rome, May 24-25- 26, the research on digital platforms on sharing economy – of both goods and services –  is continuing, at the local, central, domestic and foreign level.

If you know any of them and you want to contribute to this collection, please report  them by answering to the questions of this short form at the following link. For the full program of the FORUM PA 2016 .


Conosci qualche piattaforma per la Pubblica Amministrazione che si occupa di collaborazione? Hai voglia di contribuire? In vista del convegno annuale FORUM PA 2016, organizzata dal 24 al  26 maggio a Roma, si è alla continua ricerca di piattaforme digitali di condivisione di beni e servizi, sia locali che centrali, italiane o estere. Se ne conosci e hai voglia di contribuire a questa raccolta, segnalale rispondendo alle domande del nostro breve modulo al seguente link.