enevo again 620Thanks to the development of technology, our cities are slowly changing their image, their places but most of all the way in which they provide services for the citizens.

According to the dictionary of the Social Innovation (published in Italian by Mixura), generally, a smart city is a city in which the intelligence lies in an innovative conception of the economic and social profiles, and it is a city where new governance strategies are adopted and a city that uses advanced technologies as tools (such as networks, cloud services and intangible infrastructures).

Smart cities are attractive hubs for sustainable assets and high competences. Their raw materials are shared information and knowledge and, at the core of their governance actions, there are related goods and citizens’ inclusion.

Smart cities are characterized by the combination of six factors that are smart economy, smart people, smart governance, smart mobility, smart environment and smart living.

In Italy some cities have adopted an institutional way to the transformation into smart cities, and some time ago we talked about the transition and the policies to be adopted by the Municipality of Milan, here.

That being said, I know shift to a question that is not adequately took into account, in my opinion, that is waste management.

Basically, the question is: how a smart city manages all the questions related to the waste?

The best answer so far is the one provided by a Finnish start-up, Enevo, which has developed a system through which optimize the waste management using technologies.

The system is very simple and brilliant. Through some sensors in the dustbins, the usual trucks don’t go to every place where they are supposed to go to collect the waste, but they just collect the dustbins that are going to become full.

This could sound a bit ridiculous, but it is not fantasy.

Actually, Enevo recently won 8 million dollars of international funding to expand its service and it is already in use in dozens of cities in Europe and North America.

Do you want to change your city into a real smart city? Among the other things, these are the people you will have to be in contact with, then!


Una vera smart city, per definirsi tale, non può che affrontare anche il problema dello smaltimento e della gestione dei rifiuti.
Una risposta semplice, ma geniale allo stesso tempo, ce la fornisce una start-up
finlandese di nome Enevo la quale, grazie all’uso della tecnologia e alla efficiente gestione dei dati, è riuscita ad ottimizzare proprio la gestione dei rifiuti.

Il sistema è già in uso in decine di città in Nord America e in Europa, avendo ricevuto finanziamenti per oltre otto milioni di dollari.



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