In June something interesting happened in Centocelle: LabGov organized two workshops with the local residents, with the aim of starting a collaborative process for taking care of the beautiful archeological park of Centocelle. The workshops were organized within the Co-Roma project, where LabGov is acting as a catalyst in the process of building collaborative practices for taking care of urban commons.

The first workshop took place on the 9th of June. The whole time was dedicated to the reciprocal knowledge in relation to the park. But what does it mean?


The participants were invited to write down on post-its several things: first the values they associate to the park, then their competences. By clustering the post-its, our service designer Paola Santoro helped them summarizing their knowledges and their needs too. This activity showed that the participants are animated by those values: beauty, participation, education, love for culture and sport, respect and legality.


3The second workshop took place on the 22nd of June. This time the laboratory focused on actions: the participants were invited to think about – and to write down on post-its, of course – the actions they daily do in the park, the obstacles they run into trying to perform those actions, and the opportunities deriving from them. After the identification of actions, obstacles and opportunity, Paola and the participants of the workshop negotiated the priorities od those things they thought to.


The negotiation has been the very first moment of collaboration and shared decision! It has been a start point for a collaborative process focused on common objectives.

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The third workshop will took place on the 4th July, at 5 PM in Villa de Sanctis, Centocelle. It will be the last appointment before the summer break. The laboratory will then restart in September, but the work on field will never stop!

Nell’ambito del progetto Co-Roma, LabGov ha organizzato, nel mese di giugno, due workshop nel quartiere di Centocelle, finalizzati alla costruzione di un percorso di collaborazione per la riqualificazione del parco archeologico del quartiere. I partecipanti dei workshop, grazie alla mediazione della nostra service designer Paola Santoro, hanno avuto modo di conoscersi, di dare linee guida valoriali al processo, e di individuare azioni opportunità e rischi legati alla fruibilità del parco. Il prossimo appuntamento, l’ultimo prima della pausa estiva, sarà il 4 luglio alle 17.00 presso Villa de Sanctis.