Future Cities Canada Summit, November 7-9

The Future Cities Canada Summit brings together city leaders and urban innovators working to sustain and build our cities for people to live and thrive now and into the future. Organized by Future Cities Canada, a collaborative platform that harnesses the momentum for change already in progress in cities, the Summit will gather community leaders, city administrators, and research organization in a 3 day event with discussions, conferences and interventions that will address the most pressing issues of our time and promote innovative thinking on topics such as affordable housing, smart cities, civic participation, resilience planning, mobility, and disaster reduction.

Sheila Foster, co-founder of LabGov and Professor of Law and Public Policy at Georgetown University, will be discussing the necessary governance changes our 21st century requires with leading urban innovators – including Taiwan’s first digital minister who will talk about the radically participatory process of vTaiwan, the Vice Mayor of Montreal who is leading the new Urban Innovation Lab and Entremise, a civic group who is testing policy innovation regarding urban occupation.
Sheila Foster will introduce the panel,  framing these approaches in their wider context, and bringing her experience from LabGov and the Co-City projects. The experimentations and research LabGov carried out in the past years are a powerful example of the way new urban solutions can be co-created by municipal government and local communities. These practical examples of governance and legal principles will provide a new conceptual framework able to foster innovation, social inclusion and local development in our cities.
To learn more about the event and to consult the schedule of the sessions click here.