Ostrom in the City: from the urban commons to the Co-City – December 5

In collaboration with The Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, the School of Community and Public Affairs, and the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, the Center for research on social innovations – CRISES is hosting Sheila Foster (Professor of Law and Public Policy at Georgetown University and Co-Director of LabGov) and Christian Iaione (Professor of Land Use, Regulatory Innovation, Urban Law and Policy at LUISS Guido Carli University School of Law and Co-Director LabGov) for the lecture “Ostrom in the City: from the urban commons to the Co-City”.

“Ostrom in the City: from the urban commons to the Co-City” signifies a shift in the study of urban commons towards an innovative governance model that has the potential to address the main challenges our cities are facing today. Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione have developed this framework through years of academic research and experimentations in cities. They take reference from Elinor Ostrom’s groundbreaking research about collaborative management of common pool resources, or commons, for economic and environmental sustainability adapting the Ostrom design principle to the urban context with the aim of rethinking the governance of cities and the management of their resources. Urban commons are different from natural resources and more traditional commons in important ways, so the adaptation of Ostrom’s theories to the urban context implied an extensive research.

The study at the basis of their Co-City model surveyed 100+ cities around the world to extract from these examples a set of design principles that resulted distinctively different from those offered by Elinor Ostrom but kept the potentiality of paving the way towards a transition to more fair, inclusive, sustainable, resilient futures given existing patterns of urbanization and the contested nature of urban resources.

To learn more about the Co-City approach please visit: http://commoning.city/co-city-approach/

The event will take place on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 5 pm – 7 pm, at Concordia University, Atrium – Samuel Bronfman Building, 1590 Dr. Penfield (corner Cote-des-neiges).

For more information: polanyi.institute@concordia.ca.