X-Labs | CTE 360°

On the 20th of February 2023, a special event took place at the House of Emerging Technologies in Rome: the presentation of the first edition of the pre-acceleration programme common to all universities partner in the project.

More than 30 students from Luiss, Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma Tre universities attended the event, at the sunset on the Tiburtina Station.

Suddenly, the Roma Open Lab Space hosted students interested in entering the world of entrepreneurship and emerging innovation ecosystem.

In fact, Startup a 360° aim is to foster the spirit of innovative entrepreneurship among young people with knowledge from both social sciences and technical subjects.

The course supports students in developing their ideas and forming multidisciplinary teams prepared to face the real world.

To this end, but also in order to stimulate the creation of synergies between the partners and thus reach as large a catchment area as possible, an integrated working system is proposed in which all project partners will play a leading role.

With this in mind, the CTE 360° pathway envisages as its first phase the X-Labs open & collaborative innovation pathway hinged within the LDIS degree programme of Luiss Guido Carli, and as its second phase the Dock3 pathway of Roma Tre.

Three external students are actually enrolled in the first phase and joined the LDIS colleagues inside the three X-Labs laboratories.

Actually, the very first synergy has been achieved. From the words of the partners involved in the presentation, it is clear that there is a commitment to continue working together for the benefit of the Roman young community and the innovation ecosystem.