Project Fellow Opening: CO-CITY BATON ROUGE

The Marron Institute of Urban Management – NYU and LabGov are hiring a Project Fellow to work with Professor Sheila Foster (Georgetown and LabGov) and Professor Clayton Gillette, Director of the Marron Institute, on an urban revitalization project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The project fellow will manage the combined effort of the Marron Institute and LabGov to bring a previously tested, co-governance approach (the “Co-City”) to Baton Rouge. The Co-City approach is rooted in a decade-long application and experimentation of various projects in distressed cities and neighborhoods, starting in European cities and continuing today in places as diverse as Amsterdam, Bologna, Turin, New York, Sao Paolo, and San Jose, Costa Rica. In each of these cities a variety of civic, neighborhood, and infrastructure goods and services are produced and managed through different forms of “pooling” and cooperation among five possible actors—public authorities, businesses, civil society organizations (NGOs), local social innovators, and academic/knowledge institutions. The Baton Rouge Co-City project will instigate a Co-City “cycle” or process that creates the environment for participants and stakeholders to arrive at locally adaptive, experimental and co-produced institutions, policies or practices. The Co-City process will operate in parallel to a comprehensive planning and redevelopment process overseen by the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority.

To learn more about the Co-City Baton Rouge project and the requirements for the project fellow position, please visit this link.