FB_copertinaDEFNEWWe are honored to announce you that  the 1st IASC (International Association for the Study of the Commons) Thematic Conference on urban commons is coming. The IASC Conference, named “ The City as a Commons: Reconceiving Urban Space, Common Goods And City Governance” is organized by LabGov in collaboration with Fordham University of New York and the International Center on Democracy and Democratization (ICEDD) of the LUISS University of Rome. It will take place in Bologna on 6-7 November 2015.

The conference will be co-chared by the LabGov’s coordinator Prof. Christian Iaione (UniMarconi University and LUISS Guido Carli) and by Prof. Sheila Foster (Fordham University) pioneer scholar in conceiving the urban commons.

Many scholars, researchers, policymakers, practitioners and social innovators will take stock of the developments in the interdisciplinary study of the urban commons. The International Scientific Review Committee is composed by leading scholar in the field of urban commons such as Tine De Moor (Utrecht University), Insa Theesfeld (Martin-Luther-Universität), Richard Burdett (London School of Economics), Paola Cannavò (Università della Calabria), Christian Borch (Copenhagen Business School), Leonardo Morlino (LUISS Guido Carli) and  Ivana Pais (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore).

Keynotes speech will be Tine De Moor (Utrecht University), Richard Sennett (London School of Economics, New York University), Silke Helfrich and Michel Bauwens both from Commons Strategies Group.

The conference will intend to equip participants with inspirational examples of urban development, as well as provide an understanding of the conditions for implementation and the context, measurement and assessment of that impact for the commons. The conference will introduce you into the ongoing study of the commons, stressing the importance of an “urban commons narrative” for urban infrastructure, urban welfare and urban development. Our goal is to bridge together bright minds that are city-focused to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke innovation.

The conference will seek to better understand the idea of urban commons at different scales, under what circumstances and contexts urban commons emerge, what contributes to their durability and effectiveness, and what undermines them. The conference will highlight six thematic questions, to which a paper submission is required, they are:

  1. Conceinving the urban commons
  2. Mapping the urban commons
  3. The urban commons and democratic innovation
  4. The collaborative/sharing economy as the basis as a commons-based urban economy
  5. Social innovation as the basis for a commons-based urban welfare
  6. Designing and governing the city as a commons

In order to participate abstracts may be submitted to urbancommons@labgov.it or through the dedicated application form on the website. The deadline for submission is August 10th, 2015 at 12:00 AM CET.

Follow the LabGov’s Facebook and Twitter account that will be constantly updated on the news about the Conference. The official hashtag of the conference is #commonscities.

Download the program HERE


La città come bene comune: la prima IASC Conference organizzata da LabGov

La prima IASC (International Association for the Study of the Commons) Thematic Conference sui beni comuni urbani sta arrivando. La IASC Conference, dal nome “ The City as a Commons: Reconceiving Urban Space, Common Goods And City Governance” sarà organizzata da LabGov, in collaborazione con Fordham University di New York e ICEDD International Center on Democracy and Democratization dell’Università LUISS di Roma, e avrà luogo i prossimi 6-7 novembre 2015 a Bologna.

Scarica il programma  QUI.