Urban Clinic LabGov EDU 2019 Module II

Co-working session “Entrepreneurial lab” with Alessandro Piperno

The Module II of the Urban Clinic of LabGov EDU 2019 continues with a Co-working session on March 2nd, “Entrepreneurial lab” facilitated by Alessandro Piperno (Phd student at the Department of Economics and Management of LUISS University).

The co-working session takes place in the LUISS Campus of Viale Romania and starts at 10 am with a recap on the project idea that the LabGovers (the students enrolled in the Urban Clinic) are incubating: a network of digital community gardens spread among city neighborhoods that among the other things provide contents on food, wellness and healthy lifestyle. The co-working session of the “Entrepreneurial lab” of March 2nd is focused on the design of the social business model of the entrepreneurial idea.

After an introduction on the main features of a social enterprise, an hybrid enterprise aimed at solving social challenges with a sustainable business model, the group worked on the identification and definition of the main services that the enterprise wants to offer. This phase of the co-working session leveraged on the work carried by the four LabGovers’ working groups in the period between the modules.

After the definition of the service, the LabGovers are divided into groups and worked on the social business model canvas, identifying its core elements: stakeholders; actions; resources; types of intervention; channels to distribute the service; beneficiaries of the action and targets; clients and users; revenues; costs.