Blockchain and Procedural Law – Blockchain Technologies at the Domestic and International Levels.

Blockchain and Procedural Law – Blockchain Technologies at the Domestic and International Levels.

The 3rd Seminar on Blockchain and Procedural Law. Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law. Friday, 17 January 2020. Luxembourg.

Today, on Friday 17 January 2020, the co-founder of LabGov, Prof. Iaione, took part in the third and final seminar of the Blockchain and Procedural Law series, in the Max Planck Institute in Luxembourg. The two previous ones were held on the topics of ‘Law and Justice in the Age of Disintermediation‘ and ‘Automating Legal instruments‘.

The third seminar aimed at (i) understanding how states may harness the potential of blockchain technologies through the presentation of different case studies (ii) and mapping the first forays of international organizations into these emerging technologies.

In the seminar, Prof. Iaione delivered a presentation, together with Prof. Sofia Ranchordas, on ‘Smart Public Contracts: Home for Future-Proofing Law?‘. The seminar gathered together experts of the field from all around the world. Concluding remarks from anthropological and sociological perspectives were given in the end to close the final seminar.

Find the detailed program inserted below with the speakers and the exact topics of their presentations or, alternatively here or here.

3rd Seminar: Blockchain Technologies at the Domestic and the International Levels

Opening Presentation

– Dr Lily Martinet, Dr Edouard Fromageau (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law) 

States Harnessing the Potential of Blockchain Technologies

– Dr Lily Martinet (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law) Exercising Digital Sovereignty over the Blockchain
– Dr Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva (University of Tartu) Sovereignty and Autonomy via Mathematics

– Ms Tian Lu (Maastricht University) The Implementation of Blockchain Technologies in Chinese Courts
– Prof. Christian Iaione (Luiss Guido Carli University, LabGov.City), Prof. Sofia Ranchordas (University of Groningen) Smart Public Contracts: Home for Future-Proofing Law?

International Organisations Embracing the Blockchain

– Ms Emmanuelle Ganne (World Trade Organization) Blockchain and International Trade: From Tech to Regulation – The Need for an International Approach 

– Dr Edouard Fromageau (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law) Uses of Blockchain by International Financial Institutions and their Legal Implications
– Dr André Nunes Chaib (Maastricht University) What Role for the IMF in Regulating Virtual Currencies?
– Prof. Nathalie Janson (NEOMA Business School and Sciences Po) Private Cryptocurrencies versus Central Bank Digital currencies: The War of Titans?

Concluding Remarks

– Prof. Antoine Garapon (Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice), Dr Jean Lassègue (CNRS)

Call for Papers and a Best Thesis Award by MOTUS-E to Prize the Best Research Contribution in E-mobility!

Call for Papers and a Best Thesis Award by MOTUS-E to Prize the Best Research Contribution in E-mobility!

MOTUS-E is the first Italian Association to bring together industries, the transport sector, the academia, consumer associations and opinion movements, to favor the transition towards a more sustainable model of mobility, in a context in which technologies and digital transformation play a crucial role.

LabGov’s strategic partner for various projects, MOTUS-E, has recently launched a call for papers and a best thesis award to prize the best research contribution in E-mobility. Both of the calls are open to everyone wishing to submit a paper, a research project or a thesis (discussed in years 2017-18-19), regardless of the country. Even papers already published in journals may be considered since there are no specific requirements on publication.

Universities, graduates, undergraduates, researchers and professionals are invited to present their own contribution about one of the clusters launched by MOTUS-E. The three selected papers and the winner of the Best Thesis Award will also have the opportunity to attend the MOTUS-E Event in Rome in 2020. The deadline for the submissions is 31st January and a Scientific Committee will evaluate the papers by 15th April. The papers can be submitted either in Italian or in English.

Find the more detailed rules, the application form and the topics through the following link:

Best of luck!


Civic-ness for Social Infrastructure

Civic-ness for Social Infrastructure

Luiss University will host the event “Civic-ness for social infrastructure” on September 25th 2019. The conference will take place in the LOFT located in the Luiss campus, Romania 32 and will start at 6pm.

Fondazione Italia Sociale and Luiss University have indeed started a dialogic process called “Civic-ness” aimed at identifying the cornerstones of a design collaboration to develop theoretical and empirical knowledge through didactic initiatives and applied research on the theme of civicness.

The latter is understood as a mentality oriented towards civic responsibility, sustainability for the production of civic value, legality and merit, implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Civic-ness” therefore aims to generate and spread a civic mindness to make the concept of civic responsibility the common heritage of the future ruling classes, also with the objective of updating or overcoming the concept of the so-called third sector and offer a response to the civic spread.


Greeting address

Giovanni Lo Storto, Director Luiss

Introduction to the work

Andrea Prencipe, Rector Luiss


Elena De Nictolis, Post-doc fellow Luiss


Enzo Manes, President of Fondazione Italia Sociale “The civic spread and social infrastructure”

Edoardo Reviglio, Head of International and European Projects of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and member of the High Level Task Force on Social Infrastructure “The role of investment in social infrastructure”


Esmeralda Valente, MIBAC – DG AAP

Federico Merola, CEO Arpinge SpA and member of the ASTRID Foundation Board

Christian Iaione, Professor Luiss and Co-Director of LabGov.City

Creative Bureaucracy Festival

Creative Bureaucracy Festival

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival aims at gathering initiatives that bring up new ideas to open administrations. It will take place from Friday 20th September 2019 (1.00 pm – 9.00 pm) to Saturday 21st September 2019 (10.00 am – 6.45 pm) in Klunkerkranich, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin.

The Festival will notably host the first international forum of the innovation agencies, as well as mindlabs and will welcome administration actors who have generated efficient solutions, from Germany and abroad.

The Festival will be the occasion to address questions including: What skills for the future bureaucrat? How to ensure more flexibility in the relationships between the bureaucracy and individuals ? What space for the digitalization to breed a citizen and socially-oriented public sector?

As part of this event, participants will be invited to discuss practical examples of modern leadership, professional-training programs, transformation processes and mechanisms to initiate change.

Eventually, a last part will consist in inviting representatives of leading national and international administrative universities to discuss about ideas and solutions concerning the scarcity of skilled labour, talent maturing, as well as the challenges of civil servants in the future.

Read more here:

Policies to support the public demand for innovation

Policies to support the public demand for innovation

On July 9th, the city of Naples will host the third stage of the Roadshow to promote knowledge and the use of innovative tenders.

What are the opportunities related to the use of innovative contracts? What are the tools to make the most of them? To what extent can these procedures represent an opportunity for public administration, companies, start-ups and the research world?

After the events held in Rome and Milan, the roadshow AgIDConfindustria-Conference of Regions and Autonomous-ITACA Provinces will stop off in Naples on Tuesday 9th of July, at the headquarters of the Unione industriali di Napoli (Sala d’Amato) welcoming protagonists of public and private innovation who will deepen the advantages, and resources allocated for innovative tender procedures.

During this day of work, the new collaboration agreement signed by the Mise (Ministry of Economic Development) and the AgID for the implementation of public calls for “imaginative projects to answer public demand” will be presented before an audience of business representatives, administrations, innovation procurement brokers, public research institutions and universities.

It will be the occasion for the Mise to start the program with the launch of the first call.

The day will be divided into two sessions:

  • 9:30 am – 12:30 pm: Policies to support public demand for innovation will be addressed and a discussion will be held on the way to enhance innovative procurement within the planning of purchases and needs;
  • 2.30 pm -17.00 pm:  “We do innovation procurement: a laboratory for PA (the Public Administration), companies and research” by AgID: the theme of open innovation, will be explored through its links to innovation contracts. The innovation needs of some of the most important public subjects will also be presented.

The event is part of the process initiated by AgID, Confindustria, the Conference of Regions and Itaca, to promote the knowledge and use of innovative tenders.

Detailed program available in italian here:

How to participate:

Those wishing to participate in the event can send a confirmation email to this address, specifying name, surname and organization: ricerca&